Home health aide (HHA)

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04/19/2019, 01:26 PM


Home Health Care Aides for major company-steady work-1199 shop A home health aide is a person who carries out health care tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed therapist. S/he may also provide assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping and other related supportive tasks. The HHA provides such care to a patient in his/her place of residence. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ESSENTIAL CLINICAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Performs ¬ONLY those functions listed on each patient's care plan. 2. Personal Care - assists with: a. Tub, bed, sponge bath or shower b. Oral hygiene - care of teeth and mouth c. Care of hair d. Shaving e. Care of nails, except for cutting of nails f. Routine skin care/lotion, massage g. Positioning and turning of patients who cannot assist self h. Elimination i. Dressing j. Eating k. Weigh patient 3. Treatments, after demonstrating competency to an RN, assist with: a. Ambulation, including guarding and holding patients who have difficulty b. Transfer of patients who cannot assist self: - From bed to chair/wheelchair - With bedpan or to bathroom - To sitting position - With Hoyer lift c. Exercise program (excluding passive exercises) d. Non-sterile dressing change e. Prosthesis f. Special equipment g. Vital signs: temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure h. Intake and output i. Specimen collection: urine, stool and sputum j. Cooling sponge bath k. Condom (Texas) catheter l. Care of indwelling and straight catheters m. Remind to take/assist with medications n. Test Urine o. Simple soaks p. Special skin care q. Use of rehabilitative devices r. Application of binders, ace bandages and other supports 4. Homemaking and Nutritional Support - assists with: a. Meal planning and preparation b. Serving and feeding patient c. Linen change d. Laundry e. Light housekeeping f. Grocery shopping g. Dishwashing h. Shopping i. Payment of bills j. Essential errands k. Handle mail 5. The following functions are performed only after demonstration of competency to an RN on a case-by-case basis AND when the patient is self-directing. a. Care of catheter or colostomy drainage bag b. Change of colostomy appliance c. Other allowable activities listed in the address Department of Health Matrix as determined on a case-by-case basis by the coordinating nurse in consultation with the administrator 6. Follows universal precautions whenever giving any aspect of patient care. 7. Responds to the physical, emotional and development needs of patients. 8. Follows emergency procedures in the event of any incident, e.g., accident, injury or significant change in patient's condition. ESSENTIAL ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS: 1. Respects patient rights at all times. 2. Maintains confidentiality. 3. Records each activity performed on each case on a daily basis. 4. Reports any incident or change in condition of patient or environment immediately. 5. Submits duty sheets and recording on a timely basis. 6. Follows all appropriate agency policies. 7. Attends at least 12 hours of in-service education annually. 8. Provides all information required for the maintenance of her/his personnel record. 9. Shows interest, asks questions and seeks help as indicated; is receptive to supervision. 10. Develops relationships and are cooperative with patient, family and supervisor. 11. Is productive and uses time efficiently. 12. Is self-reliant and plans appropriately. 13. Maintains appropriate appearance. 14. Follows instructions, is punctual and attendance is acceptable. 15. Cooperates with supervisor and with patient/family. QUALIFICATIONS to perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. HHA's shall have successfully completed a basic training program in HHA services or an equivalent exam approved by the address Department of Health, verified through the address Home Care Registry Minimum Qualifications • Demonstrated physical ability to perform lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling activities at a medium strength level. • Valid Home Health Aide Certificate • Clearance through the State Criminal History Record Check • Experience in personnel or casework. • Demonstrate 6th grade literacy level. • Good communication skills, Bilingual/ Spanish, preferred