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08/28/2019, 05:43 PM


JOB TITLE: Home Health Aide REPORTS TO: Director of Nursing Nursing Supervisor and Branch Manager SUMMARY: A person who carries out health care tasks under the supervision of a Registered nurse and who may also provide assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping and other related supportive tasks to a patient with health care needs in his/her home. ulth wal hygien vision o JOB DUTIES: 1. Personal Care - assists with: a. Bath (bed, bath, tub, shower) b. Oral hygiene (mouth, denture care) c. Care of hair (shampoo, dry and coinb) d. Care of nails e. Skin care/lotion massage f. Position Change g. Provide for elimination (bedpan, commode, toilet) h. Assist with dressing i. Take temperature and pulse. Treatments - assists with: a. Transfer and Ambulation b. Test urine c. Non-sterile dressings d. Use of prosthesis e. Active exercises f. Use of special equipment g. Takes vital signs as ordered h. Intake and output i, Alcohol sponge j. Assist self-medicating clients with medication 3. Homemaking - assists with: a. Meal planning and preparation (prepare, serve, feed) b. Assist with feeding Linen change d. Laundry e Light housekeeping (making beds, dust and vacuum, tidy kitchen and bathroom, wash dishes after meals) f. Grocery shopping, opening mail, banking and errands 4. The following functions are generally performed only after demonstration by the coordinating nurse: a. Tub, bath, or shower b. Care of catheter drainage bag C. Reinforce dressings and change simple, non-sterile dressings d. Ace bandage/elastic stockings e. Ice bag f. Simple soaks 507 g. Range of motion or prescribed exercises h. Change of Ostomy equipment Use of rehabilitative devices such as walker, wheel-chair, crutches, cane j. Special skin care k. Application of binders and other supports 1. Oxygen equipment m. Relearning of household skills n. Measure intake and output 0. Prepare modified diets p. Collect stool and urine specimens q. Prepare formula Breast care for nursing inother S. Perforin alcohol sponge baths 1. 5. An aide is NOT allowed to perform these functions except as indicated in the Matrix entitled Permissible and Non-Permissible Activities: Home Health Aide (HHA) Services published by the address Department of Health on 8/19/92. a. Enema b. Colostomy or catheter irrigation Tracheostomy care Gastric lavage or gavage Administer medications Change sterile dressings g. Tube feedings h. Give any medication - oral or injection i. Apply any form of heat j. Vaginal irrigation (douche) k. Decubiti care 1. Make medical and/or nursing judgments m. Any care not included in the nursing care plan 6. Documents care daily on all cases, reports to coordinating nurse any incidents or changes in condition of patient. 7. Participates in Performance Improvenient Activities as indicated. 8. Attends staff meetings and in-service presentations, as required. 9. Attends case conferences as indicated. 10. Communicates effectively with all those providing care. 11. Immediately notifies agency of any unforeseen circumstances or changes in the patient's condition. 12. Maintains patient safety and confidentiality, 13. Observes and practices Standard Universal Precautions 14. Follows agency policies and procedures and provides care within the Horne Health Aide Scope of Practice in a legal and ethical manner. 508 QUALIFICATIONS: Has successfully completed a basic home health aide training program approved by the address Department of Health: and possesses written evidence of such completion, or Has successfully passed an equivalent exam approved by the address Department of Health and possesses written evidence of such completion. Has not been disqualified from employment resulting from a Criminal History Record Check submitted to the address Department of Health,