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1-2 years minimum experience

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Part Time - Full Time


Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia




03/17/2019, 05:15 AM


3) Change ‘Unseen messages’ email logic As a user, I want to receive an email when a candidate replies to my screening question and I haven’t seen their message In order to do that, we will use the current system that checks if the employer has unread messages and add an special template when the candidate has replied to the screening question Change the unseen cron to run every 10 minutes We will use 2 different templates for this email In both templates the employer can send a message replying to the email TBC: We should add an event or a property to the message to track messages sent from email 1-First message template (Screening questions) Subject: (CandidateName) has replied to your screening question - check their profile! Is sent only with the candidate response to the employer first message It will include all candidate messages unread by the employer, limited to 100 characters It will include the message sent by the employer It will include the candidate card It will be sent only once per application/suggestion