Line cook

at Mamouns

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No experience required

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187 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, USA




03/17/2019, 03:04 PM


OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES ● Providing exceptional service to guests ● Thorough knowledge of all menu items ● Thorough knowledge of all recipes and food preparation methods ● Thorough knowledge and proficiency of Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) system ● Responsible for job duties as outlined ● Maintain a clean and organized workstation ● Adherence to company, state, and county service and sanitation standards ● Strict adherence to posted schedule and clock in/out at times ● Attendance to company meetings and training seminars as required ● Adherence to company uniform and grooming policies SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES ● Preparing all menu items in strict accordance with recipe and food preparation instructions ● Adheres to all recipes and food preparation standards ● Practices portion control and minimizes waste ● Responsible for understanding each cooking line station (falafel, grill, shawarma, french fries) ● Ensures that all food products have been prepared correctly before cooking and are cooked to perfection ● Assists other line cooks in their respective stations when necessary ● Works under general direction of assembly cooks in order to ensure that all orders are prepared in a smooth and expeditious manner ● Responsible for communicating effectively with assembly cooks, line cooks, managers, and expediters ● Ensures accuracy and timing of all orders and that they are complete with garnish and sides ● Assists dishwasher with dishwashing and food preparation tasks when necessary ● Assists line cooks with cooking and food preparation tasks when necessary ● Assists assembly cooks with food preparing tasks when necessary ● Assists in the receiving and organization of food delivery shipments Responsible for ● Maintain a sanitary kitchen and work station ● Follow all health and safety regulations ● Follows proper food handling techniques ● Responsible for completing tasks on opening and closing checklists ● Carries out all other duties as assigned by management ● Cleans equipment, as assigned, thoroughly and in a timely fashion ● Maintains a neat, clean, and friendly appearance; follows Mamoun’s uniform and dress code requirements ● Completes shift work, as assigned, timely and thoroughly in accordance with company standards