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04/17/2019, 01:47 PM


OVERVIEW The Transportation Corps is responsible for moving supplies, troops and equipment anywhere on the globe. During war, the Transportation Corps utilizes trucks, boats and airplanes to provide extremely fast support to the combat teams on the frontlines. Transportation officers are experts in the systems, vehicles and procedures of moving troops and supplies in the military. JOB DUTIES Commanding and controlling transportation operations and combined armed forces during land combat. Coordinate employment of Transportation Soldiers at all levels of command in address and multinational operations REQUIREMENTS: Those who want to serve must first take the Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which jobs are best for you. TRAINING Job training for a Transportation officer requires completion of the Transportation Basic Officer Leader Course, where you will learn leadership skills, tactics, maintenance and operational aspects of weapons and vehicles. Your training will take place in classrooms and in the field. HELPFUL SKILLS Self-discipline Physically fit Perform under physical and mental pressures Make decisions quickly and on your own COMPENSATION Total compensation includes housing, medical, food, special pay, and vacation time. Learn more about total compensation.