Nuclear engineer

at US Navy

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3+ years minimum experience

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Full Time


7700 Crittenden St, Philadelphia, PA 19118, USA




03/24/2019, 06:10 PM


Members of the Navy Nuclear Power Program (NF) receive an excellent education via extensive classroom, on-the-job training, and practical application and qualification process that is second to none in the armed forces. Navy “Nukes” become propulsion plant operators for both the nuclear submarine and nuclear surface ship operational and support programs. Nuke ETs operate and maintain Naval Nuclear propulsion plants and associated equipment. They supervise and administer Naval Nuclear propulsion plant operations, and thoroughly understand reactor, electrical, and mechanical theory involved in the operation of the nuclear reactor, steam plant, propulsion plant, and auxiliary equipment. They posses a detailed knowledge of reactor and steam plant chemistry and radiological controls, and operate and perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on electronic equipment used for reactor control, instrumentation, measurement, alarm warning, power distribution, protection and airborne particulate radiation detection. The Nuke ETs operate General Purpose Test Equipment (GEPTE) and auxiliary equipment. They test, calibrate, maintain, and repair electronic and hydraulic-electric systems that support reactor plant operation on both surface and sub surface ships.