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at U.S. Navy Recruiting Station Bayridge

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8516 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA




04/18/2019, 02:15 PM


*ARE YOU STUCK IN DEAD END JOB, PAYING STUDENT LOANS? *LIVING IN AN APARTMENT, TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? *NO REAL WORK EXPERIENCE, WISHING YOU MADE 6 FIGURES? *Are YOU ready to live a life worth talking about? *Do YOU have what it takes to be a part of the Worlds Finest Navy? SOME OF THE BENEFITS: Free College and Vocational training 30 days Paid Vacation each year Starting Salary up to $150,000/year Free medical and dental Care Allowances for meals and housing $400,000 Life insurance 20-Year Retirement plan 100% tuition assistance for college Provide 100% tuition for 3 years and housing allowance monthly (eg: address,$3546/month) OFFERING EMPLOYMENT IN: Accounting,Law Enforcement,Administration,telecommunications,Human Resources,Hotel Management,Fire/ Rescue,Information Technology,Special Forces,Legal,Shop Management,Medical,Nuclear,Construction,Electronics,Computers,Aviation,Dental,Language Experts,Submarines,Electrical & Mechanical Engineering,Pilot Application Qualifications: *Greencard Holder or address citizen *Basic English required *17-39 years old *High School or GED Diploma *The Navy is a technical branch, and mainly focuses on logistic/computers/engineering and provides humanitarian support worldwide. *In 4 years, you will have a technical certificate even Bachelor degree and from the U.S. navy. And will have all city and federal jobs. This will make you 10 times more marketable than the average college graduate. *If you want to know more detail,please call for interview: Mr. ZHONG 0000000000 address (RING BELL FOR "NAVY")