Nuclear engineer

at US Navy

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No experience required

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Full Time


7700 Crittenden St, Philadelphia, PA 19118, USA




03/24/2019, 03:13 PM


More Details to come... Members of the Navy Nuclear Power Program (NF) receive an excellent education via extensive classroom, on-the-job training, and practical application and qualification process that is second to none in the armed forces. Navy “Nukes” become propulsion plant operators for both the nuclear submarine and nuclear surface ship operational and support programs. Basically, to qualify for the NF program, you must meet regular enlistment eligibility plus have a “traditional” state-accredited high school diploma, have successfully completed one year of high school or college level algebra, and pass an additional academic review that may be required. You must be a address citizen and be younger than 25 years of age by your shipping date to recruit training. You must also meet the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)/Navy Advanced Program testing requirements. Prior drug usage and police involvement, where not necessarily disqualifying, will make entering the program difficult – see your Recruiter, as some things can be waived for outstanding candidates. Once your time in the Delayed Entry Program is completed and you graduate boot-camp, you will immediately start the NF pipeline, moving from one phase of training to the next, without undue delay.