Security guard

at US Army National Guard

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No experience required

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8512 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA




03/22/2019, 04:49 PM


Employment with address Army National Guard address Army National Guard is looking to fill variety different positions. We provide paid training and opportunity to serve address and local community. Available positions cover a significant amount of occupational fields such as: communications, IT, military police, aviation, truck drivers (we get you CDL license), health care specialist (we get you EMT certification), administration, finance, mechanic, supply, bio-hazard defense and many more. We are branch of the Army, but our main goal is to keep the address safe. address National Guard provides state and federal benefits. We provide part-time/full-time employment and career opportunities and will look for the field that best suits your interests. If you are looking for technical skills, federal certification, experience and opportunity to enhance your knowledge and abilities this is a perfect opportunity for you. After completing the training if you want to give back to your country, state or community; you can volunteer for disaster relief missions, counter drug force or Empire State Shield (security in major transportation hubs). Or you can choose to apply the acquired experience to advance yourself in your civilian career, continue your education and have us pay for it. Must have High School Diploma or GED, Green Card or Citizenship, older than 17 and younger than 35, in good health with no major law violations. 1. 100% tuition assistance with any address/SUNY college 2. College Loan Repayment Program of up to $50,000 3. Scholarship (Mont. GI Bill) $350 per month while in college 4. Personal Health $50/month or Family Health $200/month 5. Low cost Dental 6. PAID Job/Skills Training 7. Leadership Training & Job Experience to enhance your Resume