Truck driver

at Blue Fire Recruiting

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3+ years minimum experience

Schedule Type

Part Time - Full Time


Pittsburgh, PA, USA




04/11/2019, 01:30 PM


*You can expect to average $1150 per week, $60,000 annually and top earners can make $1450 per week while getting home weekly for a 34 hour reset!* Each driver can average 1250 miles per week and expect to pull at 3- 5 loads per week. Each load is multi stop and can have as many as 6 stops per trailer and is 100% driver touch. Each trailer is loaded with up to 52 rolltainers and some loose freight on top (mostly lightweight items such as paper goods etc.) Loaded rolltainers at times can weight up to 0000000000 pounds. Ninety percent of the outbound loads will have a backhaul. Drivers will earn $25 per stop and $90 for unloading the trailer.