Communications coordinator

at United States Marine Corps.

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No experience required

Schedule Type

Part Time


Bronx, NY




04/13/2019, 02:24 PM


Communications You will learn how to deal with several different communication devices ranging from radios to computer programming. You will learn to utilize this equipment in several different situations to help achieve your job field. These are Military Positions Ranging from basic Administration clerk, Radio and Technological communications, Vehicle repair, Aeronautical mechanics, Drivers, and much more. You will be have a regular job that provides Full benefits for you and your family alongside a Paycheck based off of your position. No Prior experience required. You must be between the ages of 17 and 28. Have a High School diploma. No tattoos above the collarbone or on the wrist or hands Must be able to Read and Write English. No Felonies. No Current Drug use. address Citizen/ I-551 Green Card Holder No Medical Disabilities, must be able to work in strenuous situations.