Driver (CDL Class A)

at Blue Fire Recruiting

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3+ years minimum experience

Schedule Type

Part Time - Full Time


East Brunswick, NJ, USA




04/12/2019, 04:47 PM


$100 for the first 10 weeks, then $1000 at 6 months.. 1st install paid 7 days after hire & 1st emptied load. truckload drivers will remain at the terminal for 2 days for check ride, EFA, Smith System, Close Quarters Backing training, the Driver Experience Training and complete any online training not completed prior to arrival Position details: Drivers will pick up vendor loads in the address (including address), address, and address area and then drop and hook at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in address, address Drivers will then take an empty to the Sam's warehouse in address, address Drivers will then take a load to a Sam's Club store in address, address, or address (Does include running address) From Sam's, they will go to a vendor for a pickup to go to the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in address, address Average 260 miles per day plus 2 stops per day *PAY* $0.50 cpm (average 1,500 miles per week) - increase .01 cpm yearly up to .53 cpm Miles are based on Rand McNally miles, not hub miles $75 for each load picking up in NYC (Boroughs and Long Island) $45 live load for the first stop plus $15 for any additional stops $35 Drop/hook pickups Average weekly: $1,288 Average yearly: $67,000 Time off / shift: Drivers are home 3 weekends in a row for a reset and then work the 4th weekend. Drivers are guaranteed home on Saturday with the possibility of being home some Friday nights. The week after the scheduled weekend, drivers will run on re-cap. If accident free for entire year, will receive an additional $800 at 1 year. If rehire, any bonus received in the last 12 months will be deducted from this bonus. Drivers rehired within 30 days of last term, will not be elig for bonus.