Maintenance worker

at Conrad's Famous Bakery

Job Detail




1-2 years minimum experience

Schedule Type

Part Time - Full Time


299 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA




03/21/2019, 07:26 PM


Maintenance Assistant Duties and Responsibilities To meet the duties of this occupation, Maintenance Assistants must complete various tasks. After analyzing several job postings for Maintenance Assistants, we have found that many employers list the following duties and responsibilities in regards to this position. Perform Minor Repairs From replacing bulbs and ballasts in light fixtures to repairing leaking sinks and toilets, a Maintenance Assistant must have the ability to complete minor repairs to various equipment and facilities to ensure ongoing operations of a facility. This responsibility also includes inspecting equipment and systems for preventive maintenance reasons. Clean Facilities Maintenance Assistants clean and maintain indoor and outdoor areas of a building, such as restrooms, lobby and hallway floors, windows and grounds. These duties might include mopping and waxing floors, washing windows, clipping shrubs and painting exterior or interior walls and structures as needed. Move Equipment At times, it is necessary for Maintenance Assistants to move furniture and equipment as directed. They must have the ability to perform these tasks by using hand trucks, forklifts and other tools and to follow safety guidelines pertaining to lifting, pushing and pulling heavy objects. Maintain Reports Maintenance Assistants must keep accurate and up-to-date records pertaining to repairs and cleaning schedules. They are also responsible for maintaining inventory of necessary parts, cleaning supplies and other materials needed to perform their job duties SEE APPLICANTS