Line cook


Job Detail


$ 10 - 13 / HOUR


1-2 Years

Schedule Type

Part Time - Full Time


1601 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA


2019-11-16 22:13:23


We are only looking for people that have a strong passion for wholesome eating, are interested in educating our guests about what we do and why we do it and love to excite. Founded by Justin Rosenberg in Philadelphia in 2012, honeygrow brings people together over quality, wholesome + simple foods. For us, it’s about eating honestly + spending time doing what matters. We buy as local as possible simply because it tastes better—end of story. We love great food, design + books because that’s who we are. To us, it doesn’t matter what the other “fast-casual” players do. We take pride in self-authenticity. As a growing company, we’re looking for like-minded people who are looking to consistently win—that means people with grit, pride, compassion + focus to help make honeygrow a best-in-class place to professionally develop and succeed with your team. WOK CHEFS: • desire to train, learn and master wok techniques and skills that will be taught on site. • able to execute dishes within a high pressure + fast-paced environment. • prep fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses. • aid the kitchen manager in making our homemade dressings and sauces. • maintain our high standards of cleanliness + safety in both the FOH and BOH. SALAD TEAM: • prepare fresh salads and honeybar items for our guests. • connect with our customers and educate them on our food, brand and mission. • passion for creativity and a desire to work with quality ingredients within a team environment. • prep fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses. • maintain our high standards of cleanliness + safety in both FOH and BOH. RUNNERS: • Provide critical support by actively managing and maintaining the product supply line during peak and off-peak day parts. • Wash and sterilize dishes and equipment to ensure best safety and sanitary practices. • Maintain restaurant grounds by removing all litter and/or debris. • Maintain a clean and safe kitchen at all times.