Home care coordinator

at Home Care Agency

Job Detail




1-2 years minimum experience

Schedule Type

Full Time


Brooklyn, NY, USA


10/27/2019, 19:06


• Match, assign and schedule the best possible caregiver to promote long-term relationships between the caregiver and client.
• Manage and maintain the schedules of all caregivers and clients.
• Develop relationships and interact with clients and caregivers daily.
• Provide superior customer service and compassion for clients, their families and our nurses.
• Fill last minute call outs, and short-notice new cases.
• Document all changes and occurrences or clients and caregivers daily.
• Escalate any concerns with meeting a client’s needs or with creating a consistent schedule for a client to your supervisor.
• Perform quality assurance type calls to clients to check how services are going, make necessary updates to client/caregiver information and fill out
any necessary forms/notes to document these calls.