Cleaning professional

On The Money Cleaning

Job Detail


$ 12.5 - 14 / HOUR


1-2 Years

Schedule Type

Part Time


56 E 6th St, Clifton, NJ 07011, USA


2020-02-03 17:29:15


Maids responsible for scrubbing showers, toilets, kitchen counters, and similar surfaces. Apply cleansing agents to shower tiles and doors to remove soap scum and mold and mildew buildup, clean mirrors, wipe down kitchen equipment, clean ovens and refrigerators, and mop tiled floors,Ect. Housekeepers cleaning needed for the upkeep of homes as well as commercial buildings, such as offices, hotels, and hospitals, replace bedding, clean rooms, halls and bathrooms, vacuum, sweep, mop, replace toiletries and make beds, Ect.