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1-2 years minimum experience

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Part Time - Full Time


185 Clymer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA


12/19/2019, 21:09


No education required, just self motivation.

We are a Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Credit Card Independent Sales Organization (ISO), looking for self driven sales people to work on a commission biased income, with extra cash incentives. A weekly income will be discussed during interview but this is mainly a commission based job.

We need boots on the ground, so to speak, sales people who can talk with owners of companies to see if we can offer them a better credit card rate or start them off with one they\'re happy with.

It\'s a win/win situation were the company your selling to has the opportunity to save money and you have the opportunity to make 50% residual on the monthly income from the account, for the lifetime of the account.

Credit Card processing and Point-of-Sale (POS) go hand in hand, although not exclusively. If a restaurant, hotel, doctors office, grocery store, Etc. need a POS solution they will also need a merchant to process payments, this is were we come in to cover both.

We will train you in house so your comfortable selling the product(s).

This can be a side project or a full time career. Work on your own schedule.

Please let us know a little about yourself, past employment, skills, talents...

Full-time, Part-time, Commission