Sewing machine operator
at Taxi Cab Products
posted on March 25, 2020
Job Details
$15 - 17 / Hour
2-3 years minimum
Schedule Type
Full Time
1415 Inwood Ave, The Bronx, NY 10452, USA

Taxi Cab Products needs to hire a full time Sewing machine operator in 1415 Inwood Ave, The Bronx, NY 10452, USA.
The ideal candidate has 2-3  or more years of experience working as a Sewing machine operator.
This employer is offering between $15 USD and $17 USD depending on experience, skills and qualifications.
Candidates who apply to this job are required to answer screening questions.
The position is for a sewing machine operator and installer.

We are seeking people who are active and self starting. Willing to follow directions and work over-time if need be. 

The primary role of the position will be sewing seat covers for vehicles. 
The secondary role will be to help install seat covers on the vehicles when they come in.