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Bergen County, NJ, USA


10/24/2019, 14:17


Chemical trading company is looking for entry level admin./logistic assistant.
Admin/Logistic Assistant

General Summary
1) This position is responsible for providing administrative support as well as performing logistics functions including freight transportation arrangement, documentation processing, inventory control, and providing customer service.

1) Performs Logistics Functions

by verifying incoming and outgoing shipments; by ensuring the accuracy of all logistics-related documents and processing all relevant paperwork for import/export procedures; by arranging all transportation relevant to distribution and shipping; by obtaining rates, shipping schedules, and vessel space; by processing all bills of lading, letters of credit, customs, and other documents as needed; by processing payments, preparing receipts, and initiating billing procedures; by tracking shipments; by updating shipping schedules when necessary and informing the necessary parties, including customers, vendors, suppliers, shippers, and Staff; and by performing any other logistics duties as necessary.

2) Performs Inventory Control Functions
by monitoring invoices and orders; by ensuring that appropriate inventory levels are maintained; by tracking and expediting inventory for delivery as needed; and by reporting any inventory discrepancies to Management in a timely manner.

3) Provides Customer Service
by interacting with customers over the phone or in person to provide information, answer questions, and troubleshoot problems; by resolving complaints and complex service delivery issues in a timely manner; by tracking shipments and performing traces as requested; by expediting customer orders in a prompt and professional manner; by monitoring and responding to daily letters, faxes, and e-mails from customers; by referring sensitive problems to the appropriate individuals; and by performing any other customer service functions as necessary.

4) Performs General Administrativ