Passenger service agent

at Council For Airport Opportunities

Job Detail




1-2 years minimum experience

Schedule Type

Full Time


17 Academy St, Newark, NJ 07102, USA


10/30/2019, 14:54


-Passenger Service Agents are responsible for pushing wheelchair passengers to and from their designated gate.
-This position is also trained to work in the airport lobby assisting customers upon arrival and check-in at the airport (baggage handling, ticket verification etc.).
-This position includes, but is not limited to, assisting check-in, assistance to the departure gate, baggage claim area, and common areas of the airport.
-Agents may also carry personal items of passengers.
-This position requires working in a fast-paced environment with time constraints to meet arrival and departure goals.
-A professional and positive image must be consistently displayed by the employee.

-Safely and comfortably lift disabled passengers with assistance from one mobile device to or from an aircraft seat,
-Push wheelchair passengers to and from gates
-Carry passengers’ carry-on luggage, Greet and assist customers upon airport arrival,
-Help organize and direct employees to appropriate security line,
-Assist with checked and claimed luggage,
-Roll customer-occupied wheelchair safely down the jet bridge,
-Ensure wheel brakes are in place prior to allowing passengers to exit the wheelchair,
-Complete any necessary wheelchair or incident reports,
-Follow dispatcher gate orders,
-Assist passenger with any problems, questions, or concerns,
-Maintain professional working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, managers, airline employees, and airport authorities,
-Have a computer, tablet or smartphone ability, Exceed UGE customer service standards,
-Carry out other duties as assigned