at Atlantis Management Group

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No experience required

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Full Time


555 S Columbus Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550, USA


11/10/2019, 16:05


The manager position at our gas station is considered a crucial part of the company’s operations. Managers are the examples for employees and our implementers and enforcers at the site. The responsibilities of a Store Manager are but not limited to customer service, cash management, hiring, training, product ordering, environmental compliance, payroll, and BP Helios or other Brand / third party site inspection checklists.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Greeting all customers must be second nature; all customers must feel welcome and accommodated to.

• The site manager must be the model example for all employees.

• Managers are to enforce the high standard of customer service, resolving issues and deescalating confrontation.

• Managers ensuring all employees are properly trained and knowledgeable of their responsibilities and daily tasks will help ensure proper function of the site. Training employees on the register, lottery machine, customer service, reconciling shift is a crucial managerial task, to ensure accuracy and time is use efficiency.

• All managers must train employees to be able to follow emergency procedures.

• Must also keep an organized and easily accessible record of fuel inventory reconciliation and environment and fire checklist.

• Managers are responsible for reviewing cashier and fuel attendant shift. Managers are also responsible for funding the ATM on site with the cash from the current day, all reports from the ATM and the Day Report should reconciled.

• Managers have the responsibility to keep the site properly stock.

• Responsible for replenishing merchandise in the store.

• Ordering merchandise is a responsibility. An ordering schedule will be made and should be followed as routinely as possible.

• Managers will be given a payroll hour budget to handle.

• Must be able to manage staff and the staffing schedule and properly staff the site.

• Responsible for identifyin