Physical therapist

at SPEAR Physical Therapy

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1-2 years minimum experience

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Full Time


142 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016, USA


10/27/2019, 15:44


The right physical therapists for our team:

Share our vision of Service: Actions express priorities, and our vision of pairing clinical excellence with 5-start Customer Service informs every decision we make. You share a desire for providing the same elite-level care for your patients and are driven to get New York City back to life.

Are Passionate about Physical Therapy, Reputation, and Community: You are exhilarated by honing and acquiring clinical skills and your thirst for excellence in your craft is fueled by your hunger for knowledge. You consistently read monthly medical journals and regularly attend Continuing Education Courses. You are a proud and contributing member of our medical community. You proactively contact at least one member of our medical community each month to establish relationships and learn from one another. Physical Therapy is a specialty, but we don\t work in silos. Together, with a tight knit community, we can all work towards getting NYC back to life.

Evaluate with Empathy: You seek to understand what motivates your patients, actively listening to their perspective, and work with them rehabilitate not only their injuries, but also their confidence and vitality. Pairing your clinical skills with emotional intelligence gives you a strong sense of accomplishment.

Are Accountable: SPEAR’s culture of high performance is held together by Accountability. Your passion for your craft is turned into real impacts because you deliver on your promises. You set clear expectations for your patients’ clinical progress, and execute your treatments as promised. You provide items or documents such as Home Exercise Programs in keeping with the expectations you set. Patient phone calls and emails are returned promptly and diligently.

Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect: You have the will to understand those around you and relish in opportunities to proactively and patiently communicate. You enjoy balancing curiosity and candor in your conversations