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3+ years minimum experience

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Manhattan, New York, NY, USA


10/24/2019, 14:18


Senior Manager of Solution Engineering in EAST BU
Job Description
SI Project proposal
1. Collaborate with sales team to ensure making competitive and reliable SI proposal for fulfilling business objectives and processes of customers.
2. Work with all project members to define business requirements and systems goals, and to identify and resolve business systems issues.
3. Perform cost-benefit and return on investment analyses for proposed systems to aid sales team in making customer proposal.
4. Conduct research on software and systems products to justify recommendations and to support purchasing efforts.
5. Interact and negotiate with vendors, outsourcers, and contractors to secure system-related products and services.

SI Project Operation
1. Propose and create system design models, specifications, diagrams, and charts.
2. Integrate servers, including Windows ActiveDirectory, FileServer and Exchange, clients and backup servers and their associated software into enterprise systems.
3. Ensure system connectivity of all servers, VMware, Cloud services (O365, AWS), shared software, groupware, and other applications.
4. Create and maintain documentation as it relates to system configuration, mapping, processes, and service records.
5. Ensure compatibility and interoperability of proposed systems.
6. Coordinate and perform in-depth tests, including end-user reviews, for modified and new systems.
7. Monitor and test system performance; prepare and deliver system performance statistics and reports.
8. Provide orientation and training to end users for all modified and new systems.

Position Requirements
Basic Skills
1. Japanese Native / English Business Level
2. Knowledge of Server, Network and PC
3. Strong Communication Skills

Knowledge & Experience
1. Proven experience in overseeing the design, development, and implementation of server systems, network, and related products.
2. Proven experience with systems planning, security principles, and gene