Administrative assistant

at III Career

Job Detail




2-3 years minimum experience

Schedule Type



Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY, USA


10/24/2019, 14:18


1. Department: General Affairs (General Affairs Department)
Title: Administrative Assistant

2. Number of people: 1

3. Working period and working hours

① Period of service: late November ~ maximum 1 year
There is a possibility of 1 year extension ›.
② Working hours: 8: 45 ~ 17: 00 (lunch break 13: 00 ~ 14: 00)

4. Business Contents
① Visitor response (including tea), telephone response to the representative number, email reception to the representative mail account
② Director\s secretarial work (schedule management, work assistance)
③ Internal inquiries · Accounting · Report drafting and filing, document management, data entry
④Contact / adjustment with external contractor / owner-related building etc.
⑤ Other general business operations such as document shipment, conference room, office automation equipment, audio equipment management, equipment procurement, newspaper management etc.

5. Condition
① Careful visitor response in English / Japanese, telephone response, mail correspondence possible.
② to be dedicated and to be able to do their own for the sake of others.
③ Do not miss the detailed work in creating and managing documents.
④ There is no resistance to adjustment in English.
⑤ Be able to deal flexibly and actively the general affairs business in general.

6. hourly wage: $ 17 / h