Steel fabricator
at Taxi Cab Products
posted on March 25, 2020
Job Details
$15 - 20 / Hour
2-3 years minimum
Schedule Type
Full Time
1415 Inwood Ave, Bronx, NY 10452, USA

Taxi Cab Products is hiring a Steel fabricator who can join their team full timein 1415 Inwood Ave, Bronx, NY 10452, USA.
The ideal candidate has 2-3  or more years of experience working as a Steel fabricator.
This employer is offering between $15 USD and $20 USD depending on experience, skills and qualifications.
Candidates who apply to this job are required to answer screening questions.The candidate must have proof of work authorization in the US.This job is for candidates 18 years of age or older. A valid Driver's License is a plus. The ability to communicate in Speaks English is essential. Knowledge of Speaks Spanish is helpful but not required. This job is for someone who Available to Work Overtime]. This job is for someone who Can work Weekends].
Looking for any and all workers with past experience of metal, wood and plastic work and can work machinery most common to the industry. This job requires being comfortable learning and adapting to new tools but a strong and deep basic understanding of the industry is a must. Manufacturing experience is important.

Some important specifics:

-has to be able to lift, carry and work with heavy objects
-be on your feet for a few hours with little if any sitting
-good communication with the team
-good understanding of the fabrication industry