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Top 7 Highest-Paying Jobs You Can Get With No Experience

When most people think of careers with high salaries, words like doctor, lawyer, accountant, software developer or maybe MLB pitcher come to mind. Careers backed by off-the-chart-grades, a decade of college, a boatload of student loans, or natural gifts that most of us just don’t have.

But did you know there are plenty of well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree or even any past experience? While you might need a special license, for the most part, all you’d need to nab one of these well-paid positions is a high school diploma and some grit.


Continue reading below for a list of the top 7 highest-paying jobs YOU can get without any experience, along with some tips for what you’ll need to land one for yourself, and how much you could expect to make in NYC.


1. Bike messenger

Expected pay: Up to $26 per hour

Experience Required: None!

With the increasing number of delivery services such as GrubHub, Seamless, Postmates, and UberEats, the demand for bike messengers is at an all-time high. This in-demand job comes with a few perks, too. Bike messengers get to exercise while they work (hello, multi-tasking!), and often get to choose their own hours. Plus, all you need to get started is a bike and a smartphone. Just make sure to wear your helmet. Those tourists are dangerous!

2. Bartender
Expected Pay: $8.50 per hour, plus more than $20 per hour in tips!

Experience Required: Must Be 18 Years or Older

Slinging beers, pouring wines and mixing cocktails all while chatting with customers both regular and new. The job of a bartender is great for those of you who love nightlife and enjoy being social. Perks include generous tips and the ability to sleep in. While you don’t need a bartending license, most places prefer someone with some experience behind the bar. But if you don’t have any experience, don’t worry! You can get a job as a bar-back and work your way up. Want to know more? Check out our article on how to get a bartending job

3. Real estate agent

Expected Pay: $51K a year or more!

 Experience Required: Must take a two-week accredited real estate course and pass the exam.

If you have a knack for sales and want to be in charge of how much you make and work, then perhaps the life of a real estate agent is for you. In New York, all you need is a clean criminal record and a real estate license, which you can get by taking a two-week accredited real estate course and passing an exam. Perks included being your own boss with the flexibility of setting your own schedule.

4. Administrative assistant

Expected Pay: $62K a year or more!

Experience Required: May need an associates degree.

Do all your friends describe you as organized and on top of things? Do you love the thrill of multi-tasking? Then maybe you should consider becoming an administrative assistant. The true backbone of any organization, admins help keep the chaos under control for the rest of the team. Some perks include learning how a business works from the ground up and potentially moving into another position within the company down the line.

5. Professional cleaner

Expected Pay: $26 an hour or more!

Experience Required: None.

If you’re good at cleaning and enjoy making things shiny, you might consider becoming a professional cleaner. While some cleaning companies require commercial cleaning experience but just as many look for domestic cleaning experience and a willingness to learn. Perks include making a real difference in your customers’ lives.

6. MTA Trainee

Expected Pay: $23 an hour or more!

Experience Required: Experience working with mechanical systems or related vocational training.

If working on mechanical or electrical systems really gets your wheels turning, then maybe you should consider a job with the MTA. If you nab one of the highly competitive trainee spots, you’ve got yourself a built-in career trajectory and some great benefits. Plus you’ll get an inside look at the buses, trains, and more that make NYC go!

7. Security Guard

Expected Pay: $25 an hour or more!

Experience Required: No experience required.

If you’re the kind of person who is physically fit and can keep a cool head under pressure, you might want to consider a job as a security officer. These jobs can be armed or unarmed, in one place or a rotation of several locations. Perks can include paid vacation and other great benefits, and probably a cool uniform. While some positions may want you to have some prior experience – like as a bouncer – many companies are just looking for hard-working people who can pass the required background and drug tests.


As long as you’re willing to work hard, you can make a good living without a college degree or any professional experience. Do these jobs sound like they might be a good fit for you? Apply to these jobs and more on Merlin!