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How to Run a Successful Bar

Running a bar is no easy task but if done right, it can be extremely rewarding. Here are a few things you should consider to make sure you’re on track for success.


Decide on a bar theme

The theme of your bar and the feel customers get when stepping through your door is one of your biggest selling points. How do you want to be remembered? What kind of clientele are you trying to attract? Who’s going to come for the entertainment and drinks you offer? Think about the way your design, décor, and style relates to the crowd you want to draw. When you have a good reputation, people will come back just to experience your bar’s atmosphere. Whether you’re going for an exciting and high-energy vibe, or a relaxing and laid-back vibe, make sure your interior design reflects it.


Make sure the price Is right

While you need to turn a profit, you don’t want to turn potential customers away by pricing your drinks and food too high. Again, it all comes down to who your clientele is and how much you think they are willing to shell out for a good night on the town. If you’re in an upscale neighborhood, you can afford to price your drinks higher. However, if you have a little more competition, you might want to lower your prices to stay in the game.


Invest in an impressive drink selection

How do you stand out from the other bars in your neighborhood? By offering what they don’t. Do you have vintage spirits or special wines and beers that tell a story? Focus on the experience of drinking, and how it will appeal to your audience. If you specialize in cocktails, make sure you’ve got a wide selection of quality spirits. Once word gets out that your drinks are worth the money, be prepared to hire the best bartenders in town. You can even make their presence an attraction itself. From mixing contests to how-to’s and tutorials on your bar’s social media pages, there many creative ways to get people talking about your drinks.


Create a signature drink

Once you have your drink selection in order, can you come up with the one signature drink that will make your bar a stand-out destination? Your signature drink could be the one attraction that will make your bar even more popular.


Keep things fresh and fun

Besides signature drinks, don’t forget to plan themed occasions, such as ladies’ nights, happy hours and special costume weekends. Remember that people like variety, so thinking up fun attractions will make sure people keep talking about your bar.


Delegate well

If you want your business to grow, you can’t expect to run everything yourself. Eventually, you’ll have to delegate your work to your managers. This will not only make things run more efficiently but also prevent you from burning out. As an owner, it can be tough to hand the running of your business to others. That’s why it’s so important to hire reliable staff that you can trust to get the job done.


How Merlin can help

Whether you’re looking for a rock star bar manager to run the show or bartenders to serve your customers, Merlin can help you find the right candidates.

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Running a bar can seem daunting but doing it successfully will be extremely rewarding. As long as you pick a theme that resonates with your customers, price your drinks right, invest in an impressive drink selection, keep things fresh, and hire people you can trust, your will already be halfway there. Let us help you hire the best staff for your bar today!