Client Needs, On Demand: Accelerating Planned Company’s Placements with High-Velocity Hiring

Industry: Concierge, Janitorial, Security

Region: New York City

Challenge: Slow Hiring Process

Implementation Time: 1 Day


With a portfolio of over 1,000 residential, corporate, commercial and retail property client in 12 states, Planned Companies ( is one of the fastest growing and most respected real estate service providers within the industry. Planned focuses on being accountable and responsive to their customers, which includes the companies they partner with, and the candidates they place.

We focus on the hiring experience. We’re able to identify specific skills needed for the role, filter candidates for those, and place them quickly.

Planned’s in-house recruitment team utilizes their “Hire for Attitude” strategy to find positive customer service focused qualities. Their recruiters screen only qualified professionals with experience in the janitorial, maintenance, and customer service arenas and match them to client needs across their entire portfolio. But all of that takes time, and vacant positions can cost companies more than $150 every single day a job is empty.

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We can source the exact candidates we’re looking for to find that best fit.

With the ongoing economic recovery in the US, the need for qualified janitorial, concierge, and security candidates continues to grow, and Merlin is helping companies like Planned meet those demands, providing easy access to highly-qualified candidates who are available when clients need them.

Industry numbers indicate that candidates only spend about 10 days on the market actively looking for new jobs. To get the most reliable, qualified, and quality candidates, Planned needed to work faster and recruit smarter.


Our biggest challenge is candidates not being interested anymore. After 48 hours, or 24 for some roles, the interest level and availability drops to at least 50%.

Time is very valuable, especially in the life of a recruiter, and with Merlin, Planned is seeing results already. While industry data shows that the average job opening attracts 250 applicants, 75-88% of those candidates are unqualified in the current market. Planned needs to stay ahead of those pitfalls every step of the way, and protect their time, digging through potentially hundreds of candidates.

It is a priority for Planned Companies to be able to assure their clients that their property is receiving the exceptional quality of service that it deserves, when they need it, and with Merlin, they’re doing it more efficiently and effectively than ever.

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