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The Merlin Promise

We believe jobs matter a lot.    

Jobs matter because they not only shape our economy, but they shape our daily realities. We spend over 20% of our life at work. Jobs matter because people are what make or break a company. Jobs matter because we put our sweat, tears, and heart into them. Jobs matter because they can be core to our identity. Jobs matter because they are enablers of our dreams and goals. Jobs matter because they pay our bills. 

The fact that jobs “matter” may be an understatement.

Then why is finding a good job or the right candidate so hard? The current process can be overwhelming and just doesn’t work. Candidates are forced to apply to countless unresponsive openings, an act closer to screaming in the dark than making progress. We know because we’ve felt it. Employers are not much better off. Reviewing hundreds of incomplete and inaccurate applications is frustrating and time-consuming. We’ve also felt that.

The job search process for hourly talent workers is broken. At Merlin, our goal is to fix this problem once and for all.

Finding a job should not be hard work. We built Merlin because we want restaurants to find the right servers and cooks. We built Merlin because we want drivers and delivery personnel to find the right employers. We built Merlin to help people.

We have been humbled by the overwhelming response from the market. So far, over a half million candidates and thousands of companies have found each other on Merlin- unlocking economic value and positively impacting people’s lives.

New York is the first city on our journey to supporting candidates and employers across the country. Our expansion plans are in the works, and we are eager to come to a town or city near you.

Today, we are proud to introduce our new brand. It is the embodiment of who we are and what we stand for.


The Merlin Promise

We see you for who you are. 
You’re not just another person applying to just another job. 
Or another employer sifting through a sea of faceless applicants.

We see your experience, your personality, your skills. 
We see the pride you take in a job well done. 
We see how your work family feels like a second family.

Your determination and grit should be 
used for the actual work at hand. 

It’s time someone rolled up their sleeves for you,
and honored your self-reliance.
It’s time you had better guidance and better access.

Far beyond job posts that require
a hope and prayer for the right match.

Because when someone looks out for you,
things start to feel like magic.

At Merlin, we promise that we’ll work just as hard as you,
For you.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported and shared this dream with us from the very beginning. For the more than 130 people who work at Merlin and share our mission with passion.  To our investors and advisors: we thank you for guiding us and inspire us to push the world forward. Today is still Day 1 at Merlin and our will to help people lead better lives has never been stronger.  

Onwards and upwards,

William, Borja & Güimar

By Güimar Vaca Sittic

Co-founder + Co-CEO @Merlin