Attention Employers & Job Candidates – NYC is hiring and they need you!

Today, when we walk the streets of New York City, we see, first-hand, the challenges faced by job-candidates and employers resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Despite the shock to the hiring ecosystem in certain industries, which is leaving many employers on pause and candidates out-of-work, we’re seeing a surge in demand for Food Delivery, Healthcare, and Cleaning Services. 


Attention Job Candidates!

NYC is Hiring.

The city needs people who are willing to work in these industries to keep up with the demand. For people with prior experience in these industries, we ask that you check out the opportunities available on Merlin. If your job was affected by the current economic situation, this is a moment-in-time to consider switching industries.

Even if you don’t have the experience, the city still needs more workers in these fields. 

Attention Employers!

Hundreds of candidates are ready to work.

Candidates from all over are coming to Merlin looking for a job at this time. If you’re hiring in one of these industries, or others that are in need of workers, we ask that you consider connecting with candidates on Merlin. Note that it’s FREE for new employers till further notice!

Why Join Merlin?

Merlin is a job-search platform whose mission is to connect hard-working job candidates with growing businesses, fast.

Job Candidates create personal profiles with their picture, resume, work experiences, and skills. Employers post jobs. Merlin’s algorithms then match the most relevant job candidates to each job-position based on factors including job experience, responsiveness, and candidates’ proximity to the business. Finally, employers and candidates can directly chat with each other and arrange interviews.

The result? A magical job-search & hiring experience that is fully digital.

Please note that in normal times, it takes only a couple of days to find a job or hire on Merlin. It may take a little longer in the current environment, but we hope that by providing our platform for free during this time, we can be a source of value for our NY community.

Stay Safe.