Merlin Remote Hiring Guide

We’ve seen a public-health crisis (COVID-19) escalate rapidly. As a result, the CDC recommends New-Yorkers social distance and stay home.

At Merlin, we’re obsessed with providing employers the best hiring experience possible, but we feel that our community’s health comes first. As a result, we felt we need to provide an alternative method for employers to complete a hiring-process without the need to meet in-person.

We’ve created a 10-step guide on how to run your hiring search 100% remote. By combining Merlin’s hiring features with a communications platform like Whatsapp, you can connect, chat, and even talk to and meet potential candidates without meeting face-to-face!

Step 1: Schedule an interview time with your candidate on Merlin

Step 2: Click on the candidate profile

Step 3: Click on ‘Request Phone’. 

Step 4: Download Whatsapp on your phone or desktop –

Step 5: Ask the candidate to download Whatsapp via chat on Merlin

Note: You may copy-paste the following sentence in the chat:

I would like to conduct the interview via WhatsApp! Please download WhatsApp and I will video call you at the time of the interview:

Step 6: Visit the Whatsapp App. To begin the interview on Whatsapp, click on the chats button on the bottom. Next click on the ‘New Chat’ Button on the top right corner

Step 7: Click on ‘New Contact’ and proceed to create a contact for your candidate including name and phone number. Click Save.

Step 8: If candidate number is not on Whatsapp yet, click invite to whatsapp and press send.

Step 9: At the time of the interview, open Whatsapp and click on the top right. Select the candidate name from the contacts list.

Step 10: On the top right select the video button to begin the video interview!

Your remote interview begins now! 🙌