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Le Botaniste – Where Passionate, Open-Minded, Uplifting Staff Thrive

Step into either of the two Le Botaniste restaurants in NYC and become refreshed by the ambiance and happiness amongst its team members. The kitchen is open, the ingredients are fresh, and the dishes are organic and of the highest quality.
Le Botaniste was launched in NYC three years ago by, Alain Coumont to share food that is organic, convenient and 100% plant-based. They keep their consumers happy while thinking of ecology.
From the menu, customers choose from spreads and bites or bowls: a selection of Young Coconut Ceviche, Green Pea Mint Hummus, Botanical Salad along with other savory dishes. If one fancies a drink, try a glass from their selection of natural wines, organic wines with no additives, fermented grape juice like they say.

What makes Le Botaniste stand out as an employer is their culture. They don’t necessarily look for team members with experience, but rather people that embody their values. They look for people that demonstrate passion, remain present, and aren’t afraid to work hard and laugh hard.  The reason they care so much about their recruitment process is that they prefer to promote talent from within. Every new team member is hired in the same position and handles the same list of responsibilities at first. As each member develops and discovers their strengths, they move on to manage aspects of the business that interest them. In the past, team members have moved on to lead Social Media or become Manager, for example.

Le Botaniste is growing now and planning to open it’s 3rd location soon. If you would love to be part of this fantastic team and share their passion for food and quality apply on the Merlin App!