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When the Talent Pool Goes Dry: Opening New Recruitment Opportunities with Invictus Group

Industry: B2B Sales

Region: Philadelphia, PA

Challenge: Candidate Availability

Previous Tools Tried: CareerBuilder, Monster, HireView, Zip Recruiter

Source: Instagram @invictusgroupinc

The Invictus Group ( represents some of the country’s most recognizable brands in telecommunications, solar, office supplies, and cable/internet services. Their clients contract with them to increase their market share using Invictus’ proven direct sales approach, reaching and influencing customers through focused Business to Business sales campaigns.

With Merlin, we’re getting candidates we don’t get anywhere else.

Sales candidates for Invictus are outgoing and gregarious, and a potential candidate must have an extroverted personality and possess great people skills. While the technical skills for a successful sales candidate might be common, it’s more difficult to find those skills packaged with the right personality behind them. That’s quite a demand, but one that serves Invictus and their clients incredibly well.

At Merlin, we lower that difficulty by matching employers with job seekers instantly though a powerful algorithm, ensuring that Invictus Group is getting the most qualified and actively available candidates. Invictus is hiring, and Merlin’s candidates are looking. It’s a simple solution: Job, meet candidate!


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It’s crazy. It’s a whole world of fresh faces!

One of Invictus Group’s historic challenges is that while there are many qualified account managers out there, sales skills don’t necessarily translate into comfort using systems like CareerBuilder or Hire View. Certain candidates don’t have access or training to be able to apply through more complex or demanding candidate management systems, and with Merlin, even those Candidates are able to quickly get in front of an Invictus Group recruiter.

Invictus had previously been using CareerBuilder, but weren’t finding the types of candidates they needed. On Monster they found the same issues, this time with many candidates being overqualified for the roles they were trying to fill.

With Merlin, Invictus found a new source of professionals with passion, integrity, and a drive to make learning leadership skills fun. Their ideal candidates.


They have their resumes out there for people like us. And they know what they’re doing, because they downloaded the app, are actively looking, and the communication is more direct.

Originally intended to simply raise the number of candidates recruited and entered into their pipeline, Merlin’s simplicity and candidate pool was an immediate benefit. Easy to use as a secondary ATS, Invictus found that Merlin doesn’t add too much complexity as another recruitment tool. Screening questions, which can be customized for every role in Invictus’ portfolio, have helped as well.

With ZipRecruiter, Invictus reported that the odds of candidates showing up for initial interviews is 50-50. Merlin candidates, which have been pre-screened and expressed direct interest, show up at a much higher rate. The quick connections and direct chat features have also driven interview attendance.

The people I get on Merlin, I don’t get on my other systems. I’m booking, interviewing, and hiring more people than ever.

The average response rate when hiring managers contact candidates to set up an interview is a shockingly low 40%. To add insult to injury, even if you do manage to get a hold of the candidate you want for the job, 47% of applicants reject job offers because they have already accepted another role. The very best candidates are in high demand and are likely to receive multiple offers.

The Invictus Group believes that their success is in direct correlation with the success of every individual on their team. Mentoring and coaching is a big part of the Invictus Group culture too, so a new candidate found at the right time, could see tremendous growth.

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