The Local Advantage: Why You Should Hire Locally

It’s no secret that local small businesses drive the local economy. Apart from contributing to the local community and economy, hiring local workers has several practical benefits for your business. Here are a few ways hiring locally can give you a leg up on your competitors.


Good press

Employing local workers signals to your customers that you’re invested in your local community. Your commitment to your community will earn you bonus points with your customers and they’ll be more likely to support your business and give you valuable word-of-mouth recommendations.


Vet candidates more easily

Not only can you invite local candidates for in-person interviews, they’ll be more likely to have local references you know directly or through someone else. A reference from someone you know either directly or indirectly will likely be more reliable than one from a stranger. Consequently, the quality of your finalists will likely be much higher as well.


Lower turnover

All things considered, people who live close to work likely consider their proximity to work to be a benefit. Local employees won’t be burned out by a long commute and will have an easier time maintaining their work-life balance. Assuming you’re a good employer, chances are your local employees will stick around longer because they’re based in your area.


Build your local network

Last but not least, hiring locally gives you the opportunity to tap into your local talent network. Local hires likely know other locals they can refer to your business. Employee referrals are more likely to land you higher quality leads because they have already been vetted by your employees. Hiring your employee’s local connections will have the added benefit of boosting your employee retention.


Hire local candidates

The benefits of hiring locally should make it a no-brainer for your business, but how do you ensure your applicants are near you? Look no further than Merlin.

Merlin lets you sort candidates by closest first
Merlin lets you search for candidates near you and sort candidates by closest first

Hiring local workers is a win-win for your community and your business. Employing local workers will create good press for your business, allow you to vet candidates more easily, lower your employee turnover, and help you build your local talent network. Let us help you hire candidates near you today!