Five Steps to Hiring the Best Carpenters

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how to hire a carpenter

Five Steps to Hiring the Best Carpenters

If you work in the construction industry, you already know a good carpenter’s greatest asset is his reputation. But due to fluctuating seasonal demand in the industry, finding a highly reputable and qualified carpenter to join your construction crew is not always easy. Fortunately, we’ve compiled these five steps to help you simplify the process and make sure that your next project is staffed by the best carpenters in your area.


Step 1: Determine Job Specs

As you know, there are different types of carpenters who specialize in different types of construction, from installations and reading blueprints to scaffolding and remodeling — which means putting out a job posting for a general carpenter won’t cut it. Your first step is to define and write down what your specific needs are. Make this small investment now to avoid talking to poorly matched candidates later.


Step 2: Word of Mouth is King

Now that you have your job requirements, you are ready to start finding candidates. The best place to start is by asking other industry professionals and colleagues or checking review sites for referrals. Carpenters who receive the most positive recommendations should jump directly to the top of your resume pile. Ideally, you will be able to find at least three people to interview.


Step 3: Show Me the Goods

Talking up their skillset is one thing — proving it is another. Ask to see photos (before and after photos, if possible) of their previous projects. Learn as much as you can about their past projects and ask specific questions about their role and contributions, such as: the amount of time that was estimated for the project, the amount of time that it actually required, and how many people were part of the crew.


Step 4: Real-World Problem Solving

A strong work history is important, but it doesn’t necessarily determine future performance. One way to figure out if your potential hire is going to succeed on your team is by seeing how they act in real work scenarios. Depending on what type of carpentry work you require, you might want to give him a set of blueprints or a common construction problem and ask him how he would tackle it?


Step 5: Meet the Rest of the Crew

Since teams can end up working together all day — sometimes for months on end — establishing pleasant working conditions should be a priority for your construction business. The best way to see if someone gets along with your existing team is by first doing a test run with them. Invite an applicant to join you on a short one-time project and get feedback from your crew about their performance and personality fit, before you extend a full-time or long-term position.

After you follow these steps, you can rest easy — because you’ll know that you did everything right to assemble the best crew for your construction company.



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