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How to Get a Barista Job at Starbucks

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job in school or you’re diving head-first into the coffee industry, Starbucks is a great place to begin your career. Not only does Starbucks provide great perks for its employees, having a widely recognized company like Starbucks on your resume can help set you up for future positions both within and outside of the industry.

Due to the large amount of people who apply to jobs at Starbucks, the competition can be tough. Lucky for you, we have some of the best interview tips to help you stand out from your competition and land your dream job at Starbucks!


Do your research

This goes without saying but you need to research the company before you go in for an interview. For starters, you can read Starbucks’ mission statement to learn about their core values. You should also read their news to find out the latest company updates. Additionally, you should consider taking a look at Starbucks’ social media profiles to get a sense of the company’s online presence and activity.

You should familiarize yourself with their products and get to know the items on their regular menu as well as any seasonal specials. You should also have a general understanding of Starbucks’ competitors and where the company stands in the market. Be prepared to answer the “Why Starbucks?” question. Ideally, your answer should reference aspects of the company culture you admire and how working at Starbucks relates to your career goals.

Last but not least, although you don’t have to like, or even drink coffee, to work at Starbucks, you should have an appreciation of coffee and the culture that surrounds it. Understanding how coffee influences the world and how Starbucks contributes to that impact is vital to working at Starbucks.


Know your strengths and weaknesses

Being able to articulate your strengths and weaknesses effectively is not only important for interviewing at Starbucks but vital for nailing job interviews in general. Most of us have no trouble listing our positive traits. However, the most important part of your answer should contain examples that demonstrate your virtues. Make sure to back up any claims you make about yourself with supporting examples.

As for weaknesses, not having any is not an acceptable answer. We all have areas of improvement and this question is designed to gauge your self-awareness. You should also avoid cliches such as “I work too hard” or “I’m a perfectionist”. Your answer should describe a genuine weakness and the steps you’re taking to improve. If you focus your answer on how you’re working to improve your weakness, you can turn this question into an opportunity to show your initiative.


Prepare questions to ask

Your interviewer will almost always leave time at the end of the interview for you to ask them questions and you should always have questions prepared. A good place to start is asking about points in the job description that piqued your interest or about job details not covered in the job description. Better yet, ask questions about the specific team you’re working for, such as what qualities they value in their top employees.

Having questions about the job and the team shows your interviewer that you’re eager to learn and you’re genuinely interested in the position. Conversely, not having questions for your interviewer can be interpreted as a lack of interest and passion for the job, so make sure to always have questions to ask!


Dos and Dont’s

Lastly, we’ll leave you with a list of Dos and Don’ts to help you succeed in your interview with Starbucks:


  • Bring updated copies of your resume: this is a must regardless if you have any previous work experience.
  • Wear business casual: although Starbucks has a casual work environment, it’s important to make a good first impression with your outfit.


  • Ask if you got the job: this question can be off-putting to interviewers. As eager as you may be to find out, give your interviewer the opportunity to let you know at their own time.
  • Ask about your salary: again, this question can be off-putting to your interviewers. Wait for your interviewer to bring up the topic to start discussing your salary.

Landing a job at Starbucks can be challenging but as long as you do your research, know your strengths and weaknesses, prepare questions to ask, and follow a few simple tips, you’ll be working at Starbucks in no time. Last but not least, be authentic, and always remember to smile, because after all, this is a customer service job at heart. Starbucks is hiring on Merlin, so make sure you download the app and apply!


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I am interested in working fir Starbucks but the one in Manhattan. I love working with people. Have worked in the customer service field and enjoy it. Would like a chance to prove my helpfulness and make the place of work a happy one.