COVID19 Webinars and Resources for SMB in NY

At Merlin, we know that it’s tough out there as a result of the COVID-19, but we want to help and be a resource to you. Today, we’re sharing free webinars and a collection of resources available that can help you navigate this difficult time.

Webinars and Courses For Employers

FinImpact Survival Guide

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FinImpact has got one of the best COVID19 small business survival guide with lots of good information and resources. Check out the guide here. We recommend particularly the online small business loans guide here.

Start Small Think Big Seminars

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Start Small, Think Big is an organization who helps small and medium businesses al over the country. They got a collection of webinars and seminars to help guide you through this difficult time. Check the resources here

Coronavirus Tax Relief

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If you are wondering about tax relief for businesses, deadlines, tax credits during this uncertain times, checkout IRS guide here

Keep Safe!

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