COVID-19 Update: Merlin’s Promise To You During This Difficult Time

We started Merlin in 2017 on a mission to become the hiring resource for hourly talent & businesses hiring hourly talent. Our journey began here in New York with two promises: 1) to help hourly talent find jobs fast, safely and 2) to help businesses find hard-working employees, seamlessly.

Needless to say, this week has been rough. The small business community is going through a difficult moment-in-time as a result of COVID-19. Store-fronts are noticing fewer and fewer customers. Restaurants are operating at half capacity or not at all. Offices all over the city are shutting down, and with them many jobs are being lost. This is a time of high uncertainty and challenges to keep many businesses afloat.

While we believe that the city will rebound, as it always has, this represents a threat to its economy. However, our community is resilient. New York has been challenged before and will be challenged again and, no matter what, we’ll still be here as die hard New Yorkers at the end of the day.

If you’re like us, you need to be productive. We want to help you do that. When this whole thing blows over, it’s going to be important that you’re prepared to get your business back on track. After a setback like this there will be a lot to do, and you’ll need people to do it.

That is why, as part of our promise, we’ve made our platform free until further notice, and are doing everything we can to support the community and the economy in these times of need.

Our COVID-19 Response:

  1. We don’t want hiring costs to limit employers’ ability to hire the people they need to keep their business running. We’ve made our platform free until further notice. Use code HEREFORYOU at checkout. Please note that, while we need to ask you for a credit card to ensure the safety of our candidates, we will not charge you. And if you’re a candidate looking for a job, get your profile polished again and start searching for jobs today! Please be extra proactive when you reach out to people, everybody is way too busy!

  2. We’re advocating that businesses practice fully digital hiring: we’re sharing instructions on how to combine Merlin with WhatsApp to manage the entire hiring process online (without requiring in-person meetups). Read the step-by-step guide here.

  3. We’re calling candidates in industries with unexpectedly high openings back onto our platform and offering full digital HR resources for them. We’re also offering a webinar and free resources for career and resume building up on our site. These will come in the next few days – stay tuned for more updates from us over email. We hope that anyone in healthcare services, cleaning staff, delivery and transportation of supplies, etc. will hear our call and come back to the platform to offer their services to the city.

  4. Lastly, we will begin sharing weekly updates on new government policies that are currently being rolled out to alleviate these temporary stresses for small business – including new stimulus policies impacting payroll, taxes & more!

We want you to know that we take this situation very seriously and wish everyone safety during this time. As a business community, let’s be calm and strong. We’re resilient and with each other’s support we’ll get through this moment-in-time together.

Onwards and Upwards,

Guimar Vaca Sittic & Borja Moreno de los Rios
Co-Founders of Merlin

Merlin COVID-19 promise

By Güimar Vaca Sittic

Co-founder + Co-CEO @Merlin