5 Tips to Hire the Best Cashier for Your Business

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5 Tips to Hire the Best Cashier for Your Business

Every business owner knows the best way to make a good impression on a customer is to provide them with positive face-to-face interactions with employees. More often than not, it is a cashier or counter person who is largely responsible for your customer’s satisfaction, accuracy, and overall in-store experience.

To ensure that you hire the right cashier for your business, read below to learn five simple ways to filter out only the most reliable, trustworthy, and customer service-oriented candidates.


Learn What Customer Satisfaction Means to Them

To determine if a candidate’s standards of service match yours, ask them to describe their previous customer experiences, both positive and negative.

Have them explain how it impacted them as customers and how they would have reacted differently had the roles been reversed. Alternatively, if they have prior cashier or retail history, ask them to provide an example of how they provided a stellar customer service to a customer.


Test Basic Math Skills

Cashiers don’t need to be math geniuses, but they should be able to do basic arithmetic, including — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — quickly and efficiently. Because handling money is a major responsibility of a cashier, accuracy in cash and/or credit transactions is essential.

The ability to do math manually is also a valuable skill to have when technology is unreliable or fails. Provide a potential hire an example bill and see if they can correctly calculate a customer’s subtotal, tax, and total cost, or apply a discount.


Look for Computer Literacy

Nowadays, it seems like every person knows how to use a computer or a smartphone. Still, it’s a good idea to make sure that your potential hire is comfortable with using a computer cash register and credit card processor (or can be easily trained to use a new system) during the hiring process.

And, with new currencies like Bitcoin and paying via app becoming more accepted, it’s important that your cashier can quickly and effectively adapt to new payment processes and systems.


Role Play Scenarios

Your cashier might have a ton of experience dealing with customers in previous jobs, but they’ve never dealt with your customers or your product. Before you commit to hiring, see how he or she responds to hypothetical situations that could take place at your business.

Ask them how they might resolve a complaint, an irate customer, or any other issue that regularly comes up. If you have constructive comments, notice how they handle the feedback and how they might adjust their interactions in the next role-play scenario.


Get Input from the Team

At its core, a business can only be successful when every employee is doing their job and working as part of a team. Let’s say you’re confident you’ve found the perfect cashier, but he or she doesn’t get along with the rest of the team — that does not fare well for anyone.

Before you make your decision, consider allowing the team who will be directly working alongside your new hire to meet, and potentially, interview them as well.

Hiring the right cashier is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Follow the tips above to hire a cashier that will elevate your customer experience!



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